Kaldpresset Cacay hudolje

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Cacay hudolje er kaldpresset fra de tørre nøttene til Caryodendron-treet. Innfødt til deler av Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela og små deler av den brasilianske Amazonas, ble Cacay-nøtten lenge brukt av urbefolkningen til å behandle sår og tenne lamper.

Cacay hudolje kommer i en lystett flaske på 15 ml.



Certified Organic Fair Trade Raw! Wild Harvested

Cacay (pronounced kahk-ai) Oil is cold pressed from the dry nuts of the Caryodendron tree. Native to parts of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, and small parts of the Brazilian Amazon, the Cacay nut was long used by indigenous people to treat wounds and light lamps.

Discovered and tested as a cosmetic ingredient, the oil has grown enormously popular as “The new anti aging ingredient.” Cacay Oil is made mostly from wild harvested Cacay nuts that fall from the trees from February to April. A mature tree can yield 900 pounds of nuts with around 15% of oil. Cacay contains key ingredients in anti-aging products, including antioxidants and retinoids.

Its growing popularity has been providing many indigenous people with an extra source of income, while preserving the trees, which were previously used primarily as a timber source. Entire indigenous communities gather the Cacay nuts from the ground of the forest. Due to the rise in the popularity of the Cacay tree, several projects are being implemented for the sustainable cultivation of the trees.

Like many Amazonian tress, no part of the Cacay tree is wasted. After the oil is extracted, a nutritious flour is made from the solid part of the nut. The flour is used in a variety of food preparations, sold as a food supplement, or used to make Cacay milk. Some parts of the nuts are used for animal feed or fertilizer. The hard outer shell can be used as a combustible for heating or cooking needs.
As a cosmetic ingredient, unrefined Cacay Oil is a 100% natural anti-aging active with clinical studies to support its efficacy. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and has a mild nutty scent that fades in seconds. Cacay is a food grade ingredient and Cosmos & Natural Eco-cert approved.

One of the best natural sources of retinoic acid (about 3 times more retinol than Rose Hips Oil), Unrefined Cacay Oil also contains a significant amount of Vitamin E and around 75% Linoleic Acid – known in cosmetics as «Vitamin F» (the ultimate vitamin for dehydrated and dry skins). It is also very rich in vitamin E alpha-tocopherol.

Applied directly to the skin as an intensive rejuvenation oil or used in your formulations, the list of benefits of Unrefined Cacay Oil is long. It is a stupendous cell regeneration ingredient, reducing wrinkles, improving elasticity, and leaving skin more soft and firm. It helps restore the skin’s protective barrier, protecting, nourishing and moisturizing, and due to its high ratio of Linoleic acid, doesn’t clog pores.

Used for hair treatments, Unrefined Cacay Oil helps condition the hair, nourishes, protects, and provides shine and silkiness. It can also help to control frizz, prevent split ends, and stimulate hair growth.